What is the THINK conference?

In our daily lives we are often occupied with To Do’s, deadlines and little obligations that it’s easy to forget what captured us most in our scientific discipline or occupation and kept us fascinated throughout the years.

The annual THINK conference invites curious minds from every background to take some time off and reconnect with the topics that are the closest to our hearts. Immerse yourself in an inclusive, open-minded environment of critical and engaging thought and take the opportunity to share whatever drives you with your fellow THINKers!

Participants are encouraged to give a talk or prepare a little seminar about a topic that resonates most with their (scientific) interest. Our participants’ contributions form the heart of our conference and proved to elicit sparkling discussions, to lead to action beyond the conference and to provide thought-provoking insights for everyone.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the THINK!

Hall of Fame

Take a look at the 2021 – lineup of talks to get a glimpse of previous contributions.

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Thank you!

The THINK Conference would not be possible without the generous support by our sponsors,  participants and friends. The VI THINK Conference – Hextrapolated was funded by: