Aims & Scope

The THINK Conference serves as a platform for interdisciplinary exchange and informal discussion about the sciences and their social and political context. Young researchers from all over Europe give lectures centered around the question what science is today and engage in a critical discourse on the foundations of science.

To reach our goals it is important to speak about scientific developments and current research but also to see their impact on other disciplines and society. Being a platform for interdisciplinary exchange, we look for contributions from all branches of the natural sciences and the humanities in the context of the natural sciences.

We hope in this way to provide an occasion where students can address critical questions, which seldom find room (and time) in current academic teaching and research. We maintain that providing this platform for open and creative discussions will foster our personal development and could lay the foundations for an enduring network of young scientists.

Our Statement of Inclusiveness

We refuse to compromise the ideals of academic freedom and open exchange. We affirm that scientific events have to be open to everybody, regardless of class, financial situation, race, sex, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, age, pregnancy, immigration status, academic affiliation, or any other aspect of identity.

We believe that such events have to be supportive, inclusive, and safe environments for all participants. We believe that all participants are to be treated with dignity and respect. Discrimination and harassment cannot be tolerated. We are committed to ensuring that the scientific events in which we participate follow these principles, and we request that organizers of scientific events make explicit statements on the event
website to that effect.

Source of the original version of the statement of inclusiveness